Gertraud Gurschler, MBA

responsible for
script, didactics & design

“Striving for thorough understanding requires careful listening”

Curriculum Vitae



Education in the fields of management and training:

University St. Gallen/Switzerland and University Innsbruck/Austria:
Applied business administration
Specializing on HR- and organizational development
Universities Innsbruck/Austria, Freiburg/Germany and Bolzano/Italy:
Certified adult educator




I grow up in an entrepreneurial family, successfully operating a mid-sized enterprise actually in the 4th generation, and gained personal experiences in as different areas as automotive-, construction- and tourism businesses.
I am entrepreneur, trainer and publisher of the AuscultA Management audio book “LEADING EFFECTIVELY”, responsible for

  • Script, didactics and design
  • Production, sales and distribution

Activities and experiences as a Trainer:

As a trainer in the fields of “Leadership & General Management” I collaborate since many years with my partner Dr. Ofner.

My focus is on

    • Development of leaders, managers and human resources
    • Organizational development
    • Communicative competencies and empathy
    • Making and keeping family owned enterprises successful


    It is my basic intention to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the quality of management and the managerial skills – particularly concerning personal- and HR-development as well as the mastery of the “soft skills” – and enable that way the significantly increase of the efficiency of organizations.


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