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Serious involvement, profound detailed knowledge, decades long practice and sound experience in the implementation of the training topics labels the AuscultA trainers.

Well organized, the professional support of the individual implementation warrants the sustainable success for each participant.

Innovative training concept, beneficial content, persistent effect and a comprehensible price/performance ratio.

Impressive trainer-duo providing much practical experience, sound topics and content as well as professional communicative competencies.

AuscultA enables provably the transfer from knowledge into benefit for participants and the whole enterprise due to the evidence of success already during the training.

Smart course design, scientifically sound and professionally supported.

Small groups, smart people, excellent accompaniment, high training level.
The unique AuscultA Training “learning with the use of all of the senses” enables real understanding and proper application.

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Leadership & Management Training – EXTERNAL

AuscultA’s comprehensive training on “EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP & EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT” combines skilfully theory and practice by means of our innovative training methodology including the provision of individual support during the implementation phases

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L&M and Concise Topic Trainings – IN-HOUSE

Consistent thinking and common language fosters company-wide understanding, trust and productivity. Either as comprehensive “LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT” training, adapted trainings for your special demands or as compact seminars focused on particular topics.

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Concise Topic Trainings – EXTERNAL

Frequently requested topics  are offered as compact seminars, focusing on the most important aspects of the respective subject/subjects

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