Based on our professional experience our services are focused in particular on

  • National companies -  major medium-sized (family owned) enterprises
  • Internationally and globally active organizations – large-scale operations and corporate groups
  • Nationally active enterprises on their way to become internationally active corporations
  • Organizations in the health-care business



In the following areas we are able to provide you with outstanding knowledge, skills and competencies for your future success:

Strategic Management

  • Strategic (re-) orientation of enterprises
  • Sustainably profitable growth and internationalization
  • Effective innovation for market leaders and market followers

Process Management

  • Bringing (rapidly-growing) businesses into line and keeping them on track
  • Optimization of business processes and workflows (cost-cutting potential of 30% and more)
  • Designing and monitoring sustainably successful processes in project management

Organizational Development

  • What enables – nationally, internationally and globally active – organizations to operate very successfully with the necessary minimum of (professionally managed) interfaces?
  • Reorganization – systemic solutions for:
    Traditional organizations, matrix- and project organizations, VSM and more

Leadership and international/global teambuilding

  • Practical knowledge for corporate management
  • Teambuilding – intercultural collaboration within internationally and globally active organizations