Strengths of AuscultA


“Practical training with innovative learning solutions”

Tried and tested combination of methods and training tools for all different types of learners

  • Auditive – AUDIO BOOK – condensed training content for preparation and follow-up
  • Visual – SEMINAR – training content in precisely synchronized scripts and lecture notes
  • Kinesthetic – personal BEST PRACTICE GUIDES – specific questions for reflection, discussion and implementation


“Integrated eCoaching”

My job is my Case-Study

  • Professional support for the realization by the seminar trainers during the implementation periods of 6 weeks each
  • Opportunity for reflecting individual leadership aspects with the trainers
  • Trainings with field-tested, experienced trainers providing different emphases


“Safeguarding the knowledge transfer and the measurement of results”

Participants’ feedbacks and presentations

Feedback concerning the individual realization during the implementation period regarding

  • Professional self-managemen
  • Cost-effective improvement of processes and procedures
  • Increase of productivity, turn over and economic efficiency
  • Motivation of employees


“Clear and focused offers”

Training for top, senior- and middle management of all sectors

  • “EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP & EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT” – the 23 most significant topics compiled in 5 modules may be booked en-bloc or each module separately
  • In-house “leadership & management” trainings or adjusted to respective needs
  • Trainings on specific subjects


“Shortened absence from the job”

Flexible opportunities for trainings

  • Trainings offered also during off-peak hours and week-ends
  • Concentrated communication on the topics including training sessions in the evening to discuss personal leadership questions with the trainers face-to-face
  • Individual email- and phone-coaching during the implementation periods
  • Save time by listening the 23 topics on the audio book during routine activities


“Adequate price-performance ratio”

Confirmed by renowned customers

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