Our unique training concept is based on the principle of









Listening – AUDIO BOOK

Hear already prior to the seminar the training content in brief, generating a common basis of understanding for all participants.
Utilize the audio book also as your personal training companion when travelling, at home, during leisure time and as a continuous and easy to use reminder.

AuscultA – latin: “Listen up”
“Striving for thorough understanding requires careful listening”


Learning – SEMINAR accompanied by DISCUSSIONS

Take advantage from our practicable training contents.
You will unlock your individual leadership potential by means of intensive, individual reflection and the exchange of thoughts and ideas with the trainers but also with the other strongly committed participants.

“My cockpit – gaining an overview and catch the meaning of the leadership instruments”



Review the status-quo of your leadership behavior, assisted by your personal guidance for reflection.
Develop new ideas for optimization and innovation and define clear priorities for yourself, your coworkers and the entire organization.

“Concentration on the essential”


Implementing – REALIZATION supported by the trainers

Within a period of several weeks you will apply the acquired knowledge and skills for your actual area of responsibility.
Supported by our eCoaching this process warrants the best possible transfer into competences, results and exemplary leadership behavior.

“My success is the prosperous implementation”